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I’m a New York-based UI/UX designer that uses strategy to guide people and businesses to thrive through experiences.  My affinity towards technology, merged with my passion for design, visualization and storytelling, drives me to be in a continuous process of creative experimentation. Having grown up in an art and design culture, the friends and mentors that I've interacted with through my work, inspire me to be adaptive, empathic and communicative, leaning towards user research to make an impact.

Double Diamond Process

The essence of design lies in the process of seeking problems shared by many people within society and to solve their needs, I craft inspiring solutions that is triggered by empathy based on our shared values and spirituality. As a personalist with a design thinking approach exploring human behavior, I strive to facilitate utilitarian solutions with memorable experiences. My industrial design background within experiential spaces and toys enlightens me to prototype from physical products and spaces to services, understanding interactive components of physical products alongside user experience of digital services, possessing solid capabilities across a range of design disciplines to bridge physical and digital innovations. The digital era has opened a fantastic opportunity to reshape our relationship with physical spaces, which inclines me to design social goods that respond to mapped experiences.

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Art Food Poland

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Before I embarked on my design journey in New York City, I was a liaison military officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, specializing in communications and navigation with cross functional teams to call for artillery fire, as well as instructing the following officer cadet batch in their exercises.

Designer By Day, Artist By Night

I spend my day time seeking problems originating within society, and my spare time exploring my art practice. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, and it has been a driving force that influence my visual design aesthetic in numerous ways. It gives me the space to explore visions and themes that speak personally to me. I’ve been part of the counterculture of plein-air artists that paint outdoors, thinking in terms of line, color, shape and composition while activating all my senses. My art practice is a personal space that provides the kind of everyday creativity that lifts a human spirit and keeps things in balance, as it feels so binary in the way I approach art with a design eye, and design with an open mind.