Carlsbad Cove: Indoor Children Play Area

Carlsbad Cove is an indoor water theme children playground design intended for The Shoppes at Carlsbad, San Diego, California. Its location in the middle of the shopping mall gives parents an opportunity to have a moment of relaxation while kids immerse themselves with climbing and crawling through sculptural play pieces in a marine-like environment.

This experential play experience consists of a digital aquarium to immerse kids to feel underwater with silhouette mobile sea animal friends towering over children as they weave through the other sea themed play pieces.

carlsbad play site.png
carlsbad cove inspiration.png
digital sea concept.png
carlsbad play elements.png


Production Methods Process:

Carlsbad Cove is a soft play area intended for kids above the age of 3, from the rubber flooring, padded walls and upholstery, to the foam coated play elements, makes this a really safe space suited for toddlers. For the slides, and seagrass crawl through, makes use of plywood interiors, followed by EVA padding and a soft coat spray. As for the starfish dome, styrofoam blocks were cut from a 6-axis robotic arm, followed by a fiberglass coat, to increase the structural integrity of a climb dome before turning it to soft play piece.

Installation Liaison Wireframe:

As most installations occur at night in order not to disrupt  businesses within shopping malls, there was a need to improve communication between CSP and the fabricators during odd hours on the progress of installs. Moreover, when 3rd party installers were responsible for the installation, it was essential to task them in informing us when they were completed in order to stay up to date, so we launched a design application to serve the needs of these installers to improve the communication between different parties.