Design a household product base on a production method that you experiment with. 

The Outcome:

Ja(c)quard is a cement side table, with a floral jacquard pattern engraved on a roseate base. Cement is often dismissed as dull and cold, and I aim to challenge that notion by blushing the material with intricate details and a soft cotton candy inspired colors, making itself welcome into the household with its soft aesthetic



Starting out I explored the properties of cement and concrete, and I found a hydraulic ready mix cement, Rockite, for my first prototype that had such fast curing time, it was efficient experimenting different shapes and textures, which opened up doors to exploring prints through a series of visuals base on different prints on mold materials and engravings, such as New York Times newspaper, Pulp Fiction mylar print and bubble wrap, as well as dye mixtures.

Accepting the meta of cement that it can get heavy quickly, the idea for a side table was appropriate as a solid foundation that could serve as a base, and mount a clear round top glass to bring attention to its properties. I was walking past a constructed site one fine afternoon and an orange cone caught my attention, and tested my hypothesis.

jacquard sketch.jpg

Traffic Cone Casting

Production Method Approach