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MediDoc Case Study

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Through industry research, the team realize a lot of the medical services were heavily dependent on the type of insurance the patient was holding, which was inconvenient to them when they change insurance. Companies with Joany and Oscar focused on making insurance easier to understand, while Zocdoc and Sherpaa focused on connecting patients to relevant doctors.

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We decided to prepare a discussion guide and test a Lo-Fi Wireframe, having users accomplish tasks of requesting documents from their previous doctors, accessing their documents and sending it to their new doctor.

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High-Fidelity Prototype

Scenario 1:  New Job, New City.

Congratulations! You just moved to a new city for a new job. You’ve made a doctors appointment with a brand new doctor, but you realize you don’t want to start over completely with this new doctor and fill out all the forms, so you want your medical records from your old doctor to be sent over.

Task 1: Access and Save Your Medical Files

Request your most recent medical records from your old doctor, Doctor Xavier Crash.

Scenario 2: New Doctor

You have requested your medical records from Doctor Xavier Crash! Doctor Xavier Crash has received your message and the next day, sent over those records to you using the app.

Task 2: View and save the medical records that Doctor Xavier Crash just sent you to your new doctor, Dr. Nathalie Knowles.

Scenario 3:

Dr. Nathalie Knowles updates you of your blood type.

Task 3: Update your blood type to B- in your waiting room form.

Measures of Success:

The experience of security and confidence that Medidoc provides to app users,  based on the usability of compiling documents, which can be measured in the rate of successful document requests and transfers, would define the success that the team intended.

A key feature of success would be the number of users, that's related to app downloads and referrals. Similar to referring a friend to a doctor, word of mouth recommendations can be an effective method of acquisition if existing users found it trustworthy and convenient. This led us to thinking of potential partnerships, considering widening the network of doctors and patients.




ZocDoc is an online B2C platform for reviewing and booking for clinics, connecting patients to doctors based on their needs and current health care coverage. MediDoc could benefit from ZocDoc by tapping into their existing network of paying doctor and specialist subscribers. People often use the platform when finding new doctors and specialists, and MediDoc would allow them to safely share their medical histories with these new doctors sourced through ZocDoc.


Better Doctor is a B2B data provider that maintains up-to-date information databases for health care companies and doctors. Their API allows customers to have access to wide network of registered doctors. MediDoc could benefit from their verified Doctor-level data that could allow patients to request and transfer documents to and from doctors and specialistmore confidently.