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Yelp Case Study

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Scenario: You are planning for a trip from New York to Hawaii from March 15th to March 28th.Yelp has a new feature that allows you to plan an upcoming trip. You want to access Yelp’s new travel/share feature to get ideas and plan out his itinerary.  


Task 1: Bookmark the photos you are inspired by.

Task 2A: After saving them, you will drag them to your itinerary. Task 2B: View your itinerary on March 28th and check the estimated time it takes to your next activity.


Scenario: Sara is currently on her trip in Hawaii - she has just finished snorkeling with a scuba company she found through her Yelp feed. She wants to share this experience with her friends and followers on Yelp. (You’ll play Sara’s role in the usability testing.)

Task 3: Take a photo of you in your scuba gear and share it to your Yelp feed.

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